Re: AirSpy R2 Setup with SDRC V3


On 20210421 08:00:49, invl160 Davis wrote:
I am doing a TransAtlantic 144Mhz VHF Signal project this summer and plan to use the AirSpy R2 OR an SDRPlay RSP2 as the Receiver monitoring Eu FT8 VHF beacons.

I have used both of these before but it has been a couple of years .  The SDRPlay RSP2 appears to be working and the noise floor is approximately -120dBm on 6M.  (VHF antennas not erected yet).  A weak test signal is being received.

Good Lord - what bandwidth is that in? I'd look for something akin to -164 dBm in a 1Hz bandwidth at LEAST. -174 dBm in 1 Hz bandwidth would be pretty good, under a 2 dB noise figure. In a 10 kHz bandwidth I'd expect -144 dBm to be considered excellent and -134 dBm to be marginal.

The Airspy doesn't seem to be working.  The noise floor is -95dbFS and no test signal can be heard.  What can be the issue?. 

1) AirSpy, AirSpy R2, AirSpy HF+, AirSpy Discovery? Which one is it?
2) How are you deploying it?
3) What are its settings?
4) In a location as noisy as you imply, why bother?

If I run the Airspy using SDR# I can't hear anything.  I am not familiar with SDR# so I must have not installed it correctly.  Is there a procedure to setup the Airspy to work in SDRC V3?

Frank VO1HP

See above - vouchsafe us some meat to work with please.


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