Re: SDR Console, RSPDuo, IC-7100, N1MM & CW Skimmer #rspduo

Robin Thompson

The brief answer to part of your query is NO! 
I’ve been trying for over a year to get N1MM/IC7100 and SDRC to work together. The basic issue being that N1MM will not work with Omnirig and the authors have said on several occasions they have no intentions of getting the two to talk to each other.
I used to use Skimmer for contesting a few years ago but again little success with the way I have SDRC server set up . 
I use RS-BA1 (NOT for cw!!) and RR-1258 boxes ... the combination gives great flexibility and WSJT etc all work well ... but I’ve now changed to SwissLog for general use (NOT for contesting!!) which does talk WSJTX well. 
Actually at the present time I have an intermittent fault with the RR boxes that is proving elusive - but that’s another issue ....
Email me off group if you want a chat re specifics

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 Have you looked under the console selection on the pages and looked around for CW Skimmer?


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Oh well, looks like I am on to a loser, guess this combination won't work. Not a single reply.
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Hi all,

Had fun in the GC contest on QO-100 over the weekend, Had the IC-7100 talking to SDR Console/RSPDuo and the IC-7100 working well. It dawned on  me that running CW Skimmer at the same time would be really good. But, I am having a problem just getting CW Skimmer to talk to SDR Console let alone the other items.

Before I spend more time, can anyone tell me if the full combination is possible to run together i.e SDR Console, RSPDuo, IC-7100, N1MM & CW Skimmer.

Thanks in advance



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