Re: Can an RTL dongle be made to show correct frequency in the console on QO-100??


Late for dinner and all that. There is a LONG story about why I tend to be cagey about my particulars. It involves a year of on-line stalking.

There is also a touch of malice in it. People often presume maleness on my part. It's fun to sandbag them.


On 20210413 14:59:52, doug wrote:

On 4/13/21 5:17 PM, Chris Wilson wrote:
Hello Paul,

  Monday, April 12, 2021

  Thanks for the kind words, I am not ashamed to ask about anything I do not have the knowledge to surely answer myself, no problem.

In fairness to Jane (and I assume you're talking of jdow?), I have my e-mail package highlight all her posts in orange, and have been doing this for MANY years. She has taught me a great deal and I respect her knowledge, age and the fact she freely agrees she can be grumpy ;) So her abrasiveness is something I have come to find amusing and I willingly accept it for the info she imparts.  In comparison to some other mentors I have come across, parental, at school, and in later life, she's a pussycat :)

All the best Paul, take care. And you Jane ;)

Best regards,
  Chris    2E0ILY       mailto:chris@...

I suspect she'd be happier if you called her JoAnne,--doug, WA2SAY

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