Re: GTX 1650 Super graphics card?


If you have installed the driver, which as an update is remarkably painless, then you are good to go. If it asked you to reboot, which doesn't seem to happen with updates, then reboot. Once is enough. Bob's your uncle.

On 20210407 10:53:00, Frank wrote:
Thanks, Max. Yes, on the Nvidia site I saw the choice between studio or gaming drivers, and I chose the former. The download was an .exe executable which seemed to run normally on my PC. I wonder if that's all that's necessary? Or do I need to go into Device Manager and initiate a driver update for the 1650 Super? Right now SDR Console is showing CPU around 0.1% and GPU 0.3% when it's doing a 384 kHz bandwidth I/Q recording with an SDR, so no complaints there.


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