Re: Connected radio tuning problem

Richard Ebbs

Hi Guys
The RTL is v3 and new, so it's probably ok (I have another DVB one, I might try that first). I can't hear any WWV signals at the moment as I have s7 of noise above 7 MHz! But I'll check the RTL first.
The TS-480 has a TCXO and tunes exactly on any WWV.
I was hoping to use SDRC as a panadapter at first, but found the RTL + 1st IF RX through SDRC better! I may be getting some sort of noise after the 1st IF in the actual radio, will have to investigate.
Looks like I may have to play around with the IF frequency setting to calibrate the system...all good fun though!

Thanks for your input guys.

Richard G0MIE

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