Re: QO-100 Finally!

peter wallace

Turn the LNB through 90 degrees for horizontal

On 3 Apr 2021, at 22:13, doug <dmcgarrett@...> wrote:

On 4/3/21 5:19 AM, Simon Brown wrote:


This is not urgent, thinking in advance. As I have the DJ7GP feed
<> I
would have to make a new POTY feed etc. for any new LNB such as
bullseye, maybe in the summer.

As for 18v – simply not having 18v available and a spare Bias-T is the
issue. DATV on QO-100 could be interesting…

Simon Brown, G4ELI <>

*Laptop power supplies are about 19 volts. Maybe 20. This may be close
enough, but if not, put a forward biased 1N4004 or two in series with the
power supply output. The diodes should drop about 0.7 volts each.

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