Re: £350 Dog Biscuit

Mag loop Simon

Hi Simon

Dont get a snake..

My mate had a nice snake..untill it escaped and really did eat next doors cat.. really it did..thing was next door was plod..
My word..everytime we went out we were pulled over..
One very very unhappy policeman..( and child.) thing is  he could never prove it..

It was a big snake though..bugger to recatch!!  Ended up in london zoo..15 foot long then! Was only 1 foot when Rich bought it!! 


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Just look at SDR-Radio… Simon always “goes big” …  😊.


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Maybe Simon didn't mean an Anaconda, or did he???

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I’m sure your snake comment was in gist.  If not, make sure you don’t have a dog first.  There’s also true pictures of a snake swallowing a small man, but that one was just too gruesome to attach here.  It can be found by searching “snake swallows man.â€




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My dog Millie had an argument with her best friend Jema. The result was Millie needed 3 stitches on her ear, the whole treatment costing £350!


My next pet will be a snake.


Simon Brown, G4ELI



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