Re: GTX 1650 Super graphics card?

Frank O'Donnell K6FOD


Thanks very much for the comments, they're a big help. Yes, I was aware from reading prior posts that the GPU to get is the 1650 Super, not the non-super. I'll be using it with a couple of monitors that have HDMI and DVI inputs, so it sounds like that can work.

I just looked on Amazon for the GTX 1050Ti, and am seeing it from various vendors for US$ 350 to 500 used and new. Yikes! There's a GT 710 listed for only $70, but it's out of stock for two months until May 25. Shades of tulip mania in the 1600s! Unfortunately eBay isn't much of a better option -- some cards that normally would have reasonable buy-it-now prices are out for competitive bidding.

At any rate, I now have a good idea of what to buy in the long haul when prices/availability right themselves, but I haven't a ghost of an idea what I can do as a stop-gap.


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