GTX 1650 Super graphics card?

Frank O'Donnell K6FOD

Unfortunately prices for many pieces of computer hardware have skyrocketed this week (due to Bitcoin mania, I'm told on good authority). Based on very strong recommendations here, I was hoping to buy a GTX 1650 Super card for a new PC I'm building. However, most sources are sold out, and the few that have it show prices (as of today) around US$ 800 for new cards and $500 for used. Even the non-Super 1650 card is listed around $500 new.

Two questions:

1) Eventually prices will come down, and stocks will be replenished. I'm wondering about any specific features I might want to look for in a 1650 Super at that time. My motherboard is a Gigabyte, the CPU is AMD, and it's pretty fast gamer-level overall. Should I be specifically looking for a Gigabyte 1650 Super, or would MSI or ASUS do just as well? Is the amount of memory on the card important? Does the Super come in single- vs two-fan versions -- if so, do I specifically want the latter?

2) While waiting for prices to come down, I'd like to find an inexpensive, lower-end Nvidia just so I can turn on and use the PC. Is there a "better than nothing" card out there that's still cheap that would be worth looking at as a temporary fix? I'd want to find something from a U.S. source so that I have it when the rest of the PC is ready to go in about a week.

Thanks for any thoughts,


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