#feature ICAO SELCAL Tone Display #feature

Michael Jackson

If possible I'd like to see an optional (for those who don't) graticule display on the AF window with a scale for ICAO SELCAL tones to aid identification of the codes being called.  Taking that a step further a seperate AF window with a slow waterfall display would be better in order to see those tones after they have been sent.

The tones spacings are:
A 312.6 Hz
B 346.7 Hz
C 384.6 Hz
D 426.6 Hz
E 473.2 Hz
F 524.8 Hz
G 582.1 Hz
H 645.7 Hz
J 716.1 Hz
K 794.3 Hz
L 881.0 Hz
M 977.2 Hz
P 1083.9 Hz
Q 1202.3 Hz
R 1333.5 Hz
S 1479.1 Hz

I think this is an easy option versus developing a decoder as such.  I have been after something like this for years but have had to make do with full blown and costly decoder software so a simple display might be a bonus addition to the Console for many HF aero followers.

Attached is a rudementary and not to scale idea of the AF spectrum window display.

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