Problem: Auto Center not working when tuning outside the visible range #bug #sdrserver #possibly


Simon, can I have your attention?
I have two issues with SDR Console that have existed since "the day one".

I am using a lot of remote servers with SDR Console software and this includes both SDR Console V3 servers and Spyservers.
My main focus is on FM stations and since our download speed at home is only 10 Mbps, I am used to listen to only one FM station at a time when using these remote servers. So I see only one FM station within 200 kHz bandwidth spectrum. Well, this is true for North American servers but with European servers I see even less of spectrum. This is because I want to use mouse wheel for scrolling frequencies (as a logical replacement for good-old tuning knob). To make this happen, I've had to make a special setting for "Span" value. For North American servers, I use the span value of 100 kHz (that's the half of tuning steps of 200 kHz on the North American FM band). For European servers, I use the span value of 50 kHz instead (as tuning steps are 100 kHz in the European FM broadcast band and 50 kHz is half of that). I have found this arrangement as the only solution for getting mouse wheel working properly. The downside of this setting is the aforementioned limited view for spectrum when listening to FM stations with European servers. If I use any other span values, the tuning with mouse wheel isn't working in an expected manner.

Let me share some screen captures about this issue. The settings for these pictures are: 200 kHz BW, Span ±100kHz and trying to tune in 100 kHz steps. The first screen capture is for 92.1 MHz, the second one for 92.2 MHz and the third one for 92.3 MHz, tuned one after another. What actually happens is this:

92.1 MHz: image shows "full" spectrum of the 92.1 station and audio is normal
92.2 MHz: image shows the same spectrum as before - so this means half of the spectrum of the tuned frequency is now completely missing and audio is MUTED
92.3 MHz: image shows spectrum correctly for this frequency and audio is normal again

And of course, there is the same effect for the next frequency 92.4 as what happens with 92.2 ... etc
As I told, my workaround for preventing this to happen, is to set the span value for 50 kHz when listening to European servers but then again I'm missing some of the spectrum. For myself, it's more important the tuning with mouse wheel is working properly.

It seems to me that SDR Console cannot handle properly the situation when actual channel width is close to or equal to SDR BW. I feel that if full channel width doesn't fit in the shown spectrum, autocenter should make it to fit.
(I have ticked both the "Auto center" setting on the "View" panel and "Adjust the display frequency to make visible" on Tuning settings - none of these help for the issue).

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