Re: Gain settings missing: Airspy Discovery + Airspy Server #sdrsharp #airspyhfplus #sdrserver


And after playing with SpyServer for the first time - I see Youssef has seen fit to not export gain controls on the Discovery, which means it must be used as designed.


On 20210228 21:31:06, jdow wrote:
Turn off the AGC. That should turn on the other controls. Unless you REALLY REALLY know what you are doing, don't waste your time with manual gain control on the Discovery. It is there as an afterthought.

What is your use case for manual gain in this case? (And, yes, for almost all SDR front ends their internal AGCs should be avoided.)


On 20210228 15:17:01, Dennis wrote:
Hey guys,

When I'm successfully running the Airspy Server with an Airspy Discovery, there aren't gain controls in SDR#. But in many situations, I would really need to adjust the HF pregain and turn of AGC, set the gain manually.

Is this known or do I do something wrong?

Where is the documentation?

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