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I spent nearly 30 years as a simulator engineer, working for airlines, training providers and a sim manufacturer. We were kept busy with the sims being used for type conversion, recurrent training (each pilot does 2 x 4 hour sim slots every 6 months) and engineering training (engine ground runs etc). It’s nice to think that good synthetic training might have played a part in the successful outcome of the recent incident.




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Well, that might seem like what they are until an engine loses its cool and blows off its cowling. Then the pilots earn their big bucks. They got it down, by the book, with no lose of life or even injuries.

(Search for "blancolirio" on YouTube and view his last couple videos for some serious straight skinny.)

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One of these?



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Kriss could be off on a trip. (He's an airline pilot.). But, he had mentioned on another list about doing some work on his site, up on the tower, I think.


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