Re: Loop Experiment "LIL" Low Impedance Loop

Simon Brown

I think you replied to the wrong post 😊 .


I think the problem was that others took his code, changed it etc. The red Pitaya supported OpenHPSDR Protocol 1 perfectly, it had been tested with SDR Console (not by me).


I didn’t write a single line to add the Red Pitaya support.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Looks like "never" thanks to an Open Sores weenie who complained about his code being used for SDRC.


On 20210220 14:43:29, Paul Cianciolo wrote:

Hello All
Try one of these on for size... "LIL"  Low impedance Loop by W1VLF
Solid copper tubing, no preamp, exceptional nulls, no tuning, adjustable tilt. 
Build one yourself..



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