Re: Interesting phenomena or has something changed?

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

In case you haven’t seen his video, here’s what the latest version looks like. The aluminum enclosure may look familiar, it’s the  box that sits atop a Heathkit Cantenna that I scrapped.😬

It definitely tamed the AM BC harmonics from 1270 kHz and 1540 kHz, both only 5 miles away on 2540 and 3080 kHz respectively!

There’s also an AS-RXFEP (RXR Front End Protector) inline to protect it from the local HF TXRs.
So you may see some QRM depending upon where you are listening and where the club radio(s) are TXing. These allow users to still use the server versus my previous use of relays that completely disconnect and ground out the RX antenna whenever an HF rig was powered up. No more interruptions for SDR users!😎

Enjoy using the KA1GJU @ PCARC server.
Let me know if you hear or see any oddities!

73 Kriss KA1GJU

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