HL2 Portable - Proof of concept


This is my initial attempt to put together the main components of what I hope to ultimately build: a portable, completely self-contained HL2 running SDR-Console with a conventional "knob type VFO".

The setup uses the HL2, connected through a USB-Ethernet adapter to a Terryza Pocket PC (8gb Ram/128gb eMMC) running Windows 10Pro to a 5" capacitive touchscreen display. A cheapo USB hub allows connection of a USB headset and mouse (and eventually a micro USB sound card for conventional audio output to a built-in speaker or a conventional headset. With the Rankie USB-Ethernet adapter, there is NO lag that I can detect - clean and smooth operation. It worked so well I'm moving onto the next stage: build an Arduino keyboard emulator to run the SDR-Console keyboard shortcuts for Mute/Unmute, toggles for VOX, TUNE and XMIT as well as bring up the Favourites window and both RX/TX DSP windows. (I'm having a few issues with the keyboard shortcuts but hopefully this can be worked out - they don't retain their "Docked" status on restarting the program...). That said, the little Terryza runs very well and is absolutely silent - no fan (safe up to 60C) AND with auto-reboot after power interruption (BIOS option) it will make it very easy to power up/off. I will likely use a PWM controlled fan in the build anyway, but nice to know I don't have to worry about heat issues. 

Ultimately, I hope to use a nice sloped cabinet with everything built-in and can connect to a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, if I wish to and will tune with a "knob" VFO - the only necessary outboard connections being DC power, antenna, CW key and headset (if desired). 

Robert VE7ZN

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