Re: Random Starts/Stops/Hesitations

Steve KH6CT


Sorry about posting in the wrong venue.

Audio is OK, just the video. 

Today, at about 0800, turned on the rig, computer, Win4Yaesu, Log4OM and SDRC.  Monitored the system closely and observed no hesitation issues.  At about 1930, had two very brief QSOs after which the hesitations reappeared.  However they were very minor in comparison to those in the recording from the previous evening.  Not really an issue, but still there.  In the lower right part of the screen, the CPU is less than 3% and the GPU is less than 12% consistently.  Another observation...  With almost every little hesitation, to the left of the CPU percentage, there appears a little yellow warning triangle.  It's there for half a second or so.

I know you like to have everything running just right, so I'm passing along my observations.  The little hesitations noted this evening are not an issue with me.

Thanks, and best 73,
Steve KH6CT

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