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George Stein - NJ3H


This group has so many experts, that I thought I would ask my questions here.

I am using uno and an rspdx on my win 8.1 computer.

I am running a program called PDW to decode Flex (pager) traffic. Signalling is being routed through a virtual audio cable (VAC not VB cable).

About every two days or so the percent accuracy display in PDW goes from an almost solid 100% to 80s, 90s and sometimes lower.  A reboot of the computer is necessary to reset things to get a stable 100%.

I have read that there is some issue with VAC having issues after a long usage.

Has anyone experienced such a thing with using VAC?  If so, do you know if there is a way to reset or 'flush out' the cable (LOL LOL) clear out whatever electronically may be causing the issue I am having?

George, NJ3H
Redmond, Oregon USA

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