Re: Band Buttons settings changeable?


What band buttons? Do you mean favorites? If so you can set the radio up as you want and update the band button from the Favorites (er "Favourites") ribbon bar.

Use the tree pane or follow the menus to select the desired "Favourite".
Make the changes you want.
Press the "Update" button.

Incidentally the Add button allows you to create a new "Favourite".

{^_^}   (Thanks to Noah Webster for messing US spelling up. Thanks to King George for getting the "colonials" upset enough they'd commit the sin.)

On 20210128 04:46:05, Uwe via wrote:

I can't find, how to change the band button settings. For example, I want to set them to CW as default and I want to have smaller spans.

73 de Uwe, DL4AC

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