Re: Receiving with the Lime SDR

Siegfried Jackstien

In radio definitions before starting the radio you find a selection box converter offset... And an edit button...
Click on edit... An empty list comes up.. 
Add your converter there and save that list
Back to the radio definitions now select the lime and the converter.. Start
Dg9bfc sigi

Am 28.01.2021 16:08 schrieb Allan Isaacs <allan@...>:

I had some spare cash from volunteering for a Covid study so cashed a couple of e-cheques and bought an upconverter (Ham-it-Up) which arrived today.
Buying the board and case separately you save £8 which is slightly puzzling.

It has an IF of 125MHz which is fine for my Lime SDR which, as most know, is pretty deaf below 30MHz and 100% deaf over long waves..
Is there a way of offsetting the IF of 125MHz so one can read the received frequency directly?
For example 3.8MHz reads 128.8MHz at present.
Allan G3PIY

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