(0xc0000005) Error

Ed Pusey


My most recent download of SDR-Radio V3.0.26, 64-bit, 2020-12-14_1012 results in the error msg in the title (also attached), saying the application was unable to start correctly.

I tried the next earlier version, SDR-Radio V3.0.25, 64-bit, 2020-09-29_1346, and got the same result.

I then went back to the earliest version I had saved, SDR-Radio V3.0.23, 64-bit, 2020-06-02_0511, and it worked fine.

On-line research suggested the error meant I might have some corrupted system files, so I did the CMD sfc /scannow thing (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system#:~:text=The%20sfc%20%2Fscannow%20command%20will,the%20Windows%20operating%20system%20folder). One run caught something. Subsequent runs were "clean," but even after that, neither of the most recent versions will run, including in Administrator mode. And yes, I did a cold reboot between the steps I took above.

I also 1) Turned off McAfee and 2) Added SDR Console to the "EXCEPTIONS LIST," also to no avail.

I haven't seen any recent refs to this error, and the two in the msg database did not apply, so I must have a "personal" problem. Fixes or suggestions are welcome!

Truth in advertising: I have a second computer and V3.0.26, 64-bit, 2020-12-14_1012 runs just fine, so I have no doubts about Simon's fine softeware. :-)

DriverEasy tells me all my drivers are up-to-date.

Thank you.

Ed P.

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