Re: External Radio / Omnirig has become unstable.


I decided to try and understand what might be going on with the external radio function / OmniRig within SDRC.
Let's hope that I didn't overstep what I can do.

I thought to establish the basic connection between the radio, computer, OmniRig and
SDRC first. That is, before I introduce any additional software's that will require a
virtual serial port pair to coordinate. And perhaps 2nd rig settings in OmniRig. 

So I have the TS-990S to the computer with the USB cable, which installed Silicone Labs
CP210X USB to UART Bridge (Com8). I deleted the third party serial port and radio in
the copy of HRD I have on the desktop, to be dealt with later. I configured the port
settings for the radio, Com Port driver, and OmniRig to be all the same/correct. Further,
I adjusted all the power management settings for the USB port and Com Port 8 not
to "allow the computer to turn off the device to save power".

The basic setup through OmniRig and Com Port 3 is up and running. 45 minutes in
I decided to open a browser and do this email and shortly thereafter, I get the USB
connection notification and checking, there is "not-responding" reported in the
external radio window. I re-start the SDRC program to put the radio back online. 

Coincidental timing with the multitasking or another issue on losing the handshake?
I guess time will tell. But I want to figure this out before introducing another piece
to the puzzle.

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