Re: External Radio / Omnirig has become unstable.


This was nice and thank you very much.
I am on an older version of Omni-Rig (1.16) and 
the radio (TS-990S) did not have an .ini file in the 
database. And neither is HRD an available Rig type setting.
I assume it was added as an update.

I have an .ini file for the TS-990S written by another user
and it has worked well for some years.

Does anyone know if I update to the latest version on Omni-Rig
and also the newest .ini files (I want to get HRD as a Rig type), do I need to uninstall
my current versions or will the installs update / overwrite?
With SDRC, no need to uninstall for updates (as Simon told me
some time ago). But with Omni-Rig: does anyone know?

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