Re: Ettus B200/B210

Erik. M0MWF

SDR-Console does not support selecting Radio B, and / or its ports. But as allued to by others, Windows GNU Radio, and some radio clients (in Linux) - do.

Please buy the case for your B210 - I must have ESD-zapped mine, and am still quite upset by it.

Also, if you buy new from Ettus / NI, you'll get a warranty - not so with the Chinesium clones of this open-source product.

Ettus / NI's warranty picks-up, repairs, and returns like a Dell laptop.

If you put the TXCO on it, you'll have to modify the case, and the crystal housing will poke out the top.

Make / buy an FM-bandstop filter. Avoid the NooElec / Distill FM trap, as its useless >106MHz, which for me has Capital FM received  e v e r y w h e r e.

Enjoy - I did.

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