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Allan Isaacs

Before you place your bets, there are a few clues here..  the words New, Research and Predicts. Much the same as Modelling …or Modeling depending on where you live, Guesswork and Stochastic and worst of all Stochastic Modelling…..  


I have fond memories of 1957 when we could receive Band I TV from all over the world in Liverpool. I even added a second diode in our TV so we could see pictures using opposite modulation.

Allan G3PIY

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I just ran across something that is likely to make this situation a lot livelier. It might also end up with the amateur allocations being "sold" to broadcasters who suddenly need new frequencies.

Some scientists and NCAR, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, believe they have identified a feature that allows for more accurate prediction of sunspot cycles. And they do not agree at all with NASA. Their predictions for the cycle just starting is that it will be very high and possibly record breaking high.

New Sunspot Cycle Could Be One Of The Strongest On Record, New Research Predicts

Don't you just LOVE ambiguity? Place your bets now, will this cycle be big or little?

{^_^}    (No, I am not making book.)


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