Re: Build Experimental Loop for LF to HF.


How do you keep the varicap from causing all manner of IMD, some of it pretty exotic? Don't forget that the tuning voltage is "modulated" by the signal voltages in the tuned circuit.


On 20201206 02:19:50, Allan Isaacs wrote:

Hi Paul

Try a varicap and a ferrite rod.

A lot easier to handle and you do not need a ladder to adjust it when on top of a pole.

Allan G3PIY


From: [] On Behalf Of Paul Cianciolo
Sent: 06 December 2020 00:57
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Build Experimental Loop for LF to HF.


Hello All,
I made a video for folks who want to build a n air core loop but are not sure about the dimensions needed for a particular frequencies of interest.
This video show how build a reusable form air core loop and answers a lot of question folks have been asking.




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