Re: Mystery Signal on 20-Meters

Roger Need

On Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 08:37 AM, Brendan Wahl wrote:
Hi all,

That's one of the High Frequency Trader signals that you see above 20
meters. These are low-latency, fixed simplex circuits providing
commodities traders with a faster-than-cable-or-satellite way to submit
orders to the markets. Primarily used for US Midwest to Europe paths for
now, and AS to USA may be under experimentation or so I've heard, but I
haven't confirmed this.
A number of other folks did the necessary sleuthing on this, and the FCC
database as usual provided much of the info. It just had to be pieced

Brendan WA7HL
Do you have a link to any recent investigations or discussion concerning these shortwave stock trading transmissions?  I think it might be interesting to use the  kiwisdr direction finding feature to pinpoint the transmitter location.


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