Re: Sat tracking basics ?

Allan Isaacs

Imagine Microsoft having a simple email service for reporting problems with
Windows... it would be impossible to service. Most suppliers of services,
for example Sky, have abandoned email enquiries and moved to call centres
with long waiting times hoping people will just give up.

My new experimental receiving aerial is now working. When I'm happy with it
I shall put it on a pole rather than my workmate. The long control cables
seem to be picking up noise and messing up results so I need to filter these
but at least it's smaller than my 80m dipole by a factor of 260..
Allan G3PIY

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Considering the sheer number of questions, requests, messages saying
there's something wrong without giving much information, (let alone a
screenshot), one needs the patience of a saint.
It is a pity people take offence when a busy person at least tries to
spend a moment to answer. He is expected to know everything including
3rd party software and how it works.
I guess many complainants do have an underlying reason for grumpiness,
instead of ignoring a supposed slight for once they react in an
unfriendly way. Let's hope Andy feels better soon.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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