Auto Detect remote servers FAILURE HELP!!!

Roger Shaltry

I am receiving the following text at the server after a failed remote client connection to my server. "Connecting to ::50101
Sending <SVRMsg xml:lang="EN" Command="Radios" Username="k5jax" Password="schnauzer"></SVRMsg> 
Read 0 of 20 bytes after 10 reads
Failed to read message header
I have not been able to make a connection to my remote server in more than a year.  This is the closest that I have been to creating a connection.  I can now operate both my client and server at the same time with a remote desktop app.
The local internet provider was apparently (client location) blocking traffic.  I am now on a VPN which seems to slip past the client internet provider data blocking.
I do not know where to look next given the failure message.  Any help will sure be appreciated.
Years ago when I ran V2 server I let local hams use my remote receive site.

I have been trying for many months to connect to my server at a remote location.  The local internet provider was apparently (client location) blocking traffic. I purchased a new internet provider for the server location.  This did not help.

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