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On 20201113 09:52:34, doug wrote:

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That has some interesting observations and well down the page some interesting schematics.

It appears he revisited the filter a couple more times if you dig a little.


On 20201112 18:01:07, doug wrote:
I wonder if there is available from some source a simple filter that would attenuate the broadcast band
to a sufficient extent as to not create harmonics or overload the input of simple sdr devices, or the tinySA
spectrum analyzer. I am interested in tracking down the source of some broad-band noise in the lower
frequency range from about 3 to 15 MHz.
--doug, WA2SAY

Thanx, JoAnne--It's obvious that the writer has done his homework. I have already investigated some
filter designs but my problem is that I'm no longer working in this field--I've been retired for 18 years--
and have no access to the components any more. I am hoping that someone, somewhere, who does
have access has designed and built a filter for the purpose, and is now selling copies of it for some
reasonable price--say $15 or so? (I'll put it in a shielded box, if it doesn't come with one.)
--doug, WA2SAY
DigiKey. Mouser, and Newark (perhaps others) are your friends.


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