Re: Any logbooks available other than Ham Radio Delux? #logging

Jim Smith G0OFE

LOG4OM is good as others have mentioned. One drawback is that if you're a VHF grid chaser, tracking support for that is still rather poor. Best logging program in that respect by far is VQLog... while not free, the cost is very modest (20 euros for 2 years of updates) but EA6VQ is a big vhf man.

Logger32 is excellent all round, my personal favourite.. I use that, and VQLog for VHF.. importing logs from the latter to the former is a very simple matter.

Each logging program has different strengths and features.. best bet is to try them all and see which one suts you best. The beauty is that ADIF allows you to export and import logs between most (if not all) of them easily.

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On 09/11/2020 00:30, Hank Tyler wrote:
For ham radio logging while using SDR Console, what are the options? Right now I'm aware of only HRD. Needless to say I mean logbooks that follow frequency and mode automatically.



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