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Allan Isaacs

The meter settings are the same on the Win 7 and Win 10 computers Don.

73 Allan

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Differences in S meter readings  can happen if you have one S meter set to average or rms, and the other to peak reading...


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I’m not familiar with the Andrus. My only thought might be latency in the network, but that’s probably clutching at straws. Can you bypass the second switch and see if it makes a difference?

I can’t think why it should but I’ve seen latency problems but only on much bigger networks operating at the limit of several CAT5 cable lengths with switches in between. Perhaps you have a rogue peripheral on the network?

I wondered if one computer is measuring the incoming signal at a slightly different point in the signal strength variation, e.g. is AGC making a difference? Although 198 is normally rock solid.

Have you tried looking at other stations and on other bands to see if the same phenomenon exists?

I can’t think what else could be causing this.

Good luck!




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Subject: [SDR-Radio] Signal strength puzzle


I've been using my SDR which is an Andrus on my Windows 7 x 64 office computer and have recently used it on my Windows 10 x64 workshop computer.
The Andrus (powered by an adjacent 6 volt PSU)  is in my workshop and is fed with an 80m dipole which receives reasonably well over most bands.
Connection to the Andrus is via a local network switch to the workshop computer and via that switch to a second switch to my office computer.
Receiving Radio 4 on 198KHz on my office computer records S9 + 12dB or -62/-63dBm but on the workshop computer it recorded as S9 +24dB and -49/-50dBm.
The software is identical, Sept 2020 on both and all the settings are the same.
Why the difference in signal strength??
Allan G3PIY

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