Signal strength puzzle

Allan Isaacs

I've been using my SDR which is an Andrus on my Windows 7 x 64 office computer and have recently used it on my Windows 10 x64 workshop computer.
The Andrus (powered by an adjacent 6 volt PSU)  is in my workshop and is fed with an 80m dipole which receives reasonably well over most bands.
Connection to the Andrus is via a local network switch to the workshop computer and via that switch to a second switch to my office computer.
Receiving Radio 4 on 198KHz on my office computer records S9 + 12dB or -62/-63dBm but on the workshop computer it recorded as S9 +24dB and -49/-50dBm.
The software is identical, Sept 2020 on both and all the settings are the same.
Why the difference in signal strength??
Allan G3PIY

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