#Future - New Converter definition for C-BAND LNB. #request #future

rocco labella IK8XLD

Hello Simon,
I would like to ask you if there is the possibility to add another type of converter in sdrconsole, in the CONVERTER DEFINITIONS menu.
Currently available converters are working subtracting the local oscillator value from the desired frequency. F - OL
For some LNBs operating in C band it would be useful to have a calculation made in this way: OL - F
Typical OL value of these LNBs is 5150 MHz.
An example for frequency of 3623MHz would be:
5150-3623=1527 Mhz (IF), displaying 3623 MHz.
At the moment no SDR software, that I know, offers this possibility.
It would be great to have it in SDRCONSOLE.
Thanks in advance if you would like to consider this request.

73 Rocco IK8XLD

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