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Allan Isaacs

Cracked it Sigi

A few weeks ago I fitted a new Ethernet switch to give me more ports and I used a spare old one using a non-standard coaxial power supply lead.

The PSU was obviously failing and although it produced 12 volts it was extremely noisy.

Because it was a network switch the noise was getting into all the CAT5 cables including the one used for my remote SDR.

I also found my charger for my electric drill battery was very noisy. It was permanently on so the PSU was in poor shape.

Attached the 60KHz signal is now in the clear. An amazing difference!

Allan G3PIY

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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Problem with 60KHz


sometimes such noise is coming from switching psu or power inverters

smartphone charger ... or other small switching thingy ...

maybe direction could be found with a directional antenna

good luck

dg9bfc sigi

Am 22.10.2020 um 08:54 schrieb Pete Ferrand:

Yes, those things happen, happened to me almost 20 years ago.


I was living in a rural area of New Hampshire and heard a broad noise that prevented the clocks from working, had to drive them some miles away to get them to work. It was around 55-58 kHz. 


I called the local electric utility and they sent their interference specialist, who was a ham, around with some very expensive gear and it heard it as well. He drove around and said it could be heard for a couple miles around but didn't peak up anywhere. His conclusion was that it was not coming from nor was it propagated by the utility's wiring or equipment, and so he had no further authority to investigate. There was no industry in the area.


So I had to live with it until I moved a year or two later.





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Subject: [SDR-Radio] Problem with 60KHz

For the last few weeks I've had trouble with our radio clocks and the reason is a very strong signal around 58KHz which has evaded attempts to find its source.
I assume that it's local interference. Picture attached.
Allan G3PIY

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