Re: Issue with SDR Server #sdrserver

Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU

Oh, BTW, please use a valid call so one can look you up on when it's stuck, acting weird, or broken, we can and drop you an email.

Be careful of the default setting of starting the service. Default is ON so when the computer is repurposed/used for something else or taken to another
location (IP change), it won't be pining Simon's server saying all is well when it's really not!  This is why we have so many 'bad' servers listed:

The default settings of the 'service', which runs in the background even though the 'Service Manager' is not open.
Just be mindful if the computer is loaned out or relocated. This had me chasing a phantom server for a few hours:

Before the service is started, one needs to hit 'Save' and be sure 'Enable' is checked, or you will never see an OK on the bottom:
(maybe Simon can chime in here to get the proper order, Save, Enable, then Start or Start, Save, Enable, or??? There is a proper way as I recall!)

Those are the other two gotchas.
I do have a step by step procedure for setting up a server published last year or so with text and pretty pictures:

73 Kriss KA1GJU

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