Issue with SDR Server #sdrserver

NexTech Z

I am needing some help and advice concerning the Server. I've used Server for quite a while now with no issue. I know how to set it up and configure Port Forwarding. I start SDR Console. I select the server and definitions. I click the and my radio account is visible with a green check mark out to the left side. I highlight that and click select. That is as far as I can go. Console never sees the account. Yes, I can log onto and use other accounts. I've tried different configurations (default and others).
I've checked the external address and port 50101 and it is correct and usable. I can ping the IP address without issue. I have loaded SDR Console on multiple computers and get the same NON results. I do have one account set up in Server. 
I have another non related app that uses port forwarding and it works fine. I'm pulling my hair out. I have not tried running Server on another computer yet. I know there is something simple I'm missing. I work in IT. But, couldn't prove it with my inability to solve this issue.  If anyone has any suggestions or if you need more info and possible screen captures, please let me know.

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