Re: antenna splitter ?

Chris Wilson

Hello Siegfried,

Saturday, October 10, 2020

And to raise you one, some blokes make their own valves (tubes...) dressed as a woman in a frock ;)

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Chris 2E0ILY mailto:chris@...

SJ> and some even build power tubes


SJ> dg9bfc sigi

SJ> ps ... THAT must be fun ...

SJ> Am 09.10.2020 um 04:39 schrieb Bob Dengler:
At 10/8/2020 01:00 PM, you wrote:
Some people actually have fun making paper the old way. Don't deny them their fun, Francesco. After all, there are hams who still use the long obsolete Morse Code and actually manage to enjoy it. {^_-}
Some even like making their own vacuum tubes:
Not shown is the part where he collects sand & ore to make the glass & plates ;)
Bob NO6B


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