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SDRC has no means of storing data to a per installation folder. So ALL settings information is shared between ALL versions. "Live with it." (Solving the issues with multiple installs is uniquely annoying. Everything shared is one easy solution. SDRSharp's technique is another one. Each has their good aspects and bad aspects. Creating a full solution may lead to putting one so far off writing code that the author is next seen driving a taxi in Podunk. (We had a construction worker working on runnig gas lines in our house who has his MSCE certs and decided construction work outside was more personally rewarding. This MAY have been "Stupid Users" BAH! I don't know.)


On 20201015 10:30:28, Zacharias Liangas via wrote:

Now my experience with the new version :

The 3.0.25 has been installed in a new fodler retainging the older 3.0.17 in its folder. TH insallaion was very simple and in the end all parameters were transferred by itself to the new version

Now the mysterious : while the older version still remains in its folder the identity #2  new works under 3.025. 

I had seen nly a few differences  between thee older and he newer version . In the first there was clipping on the audio now there are some minimal audio time outs or bad but minimum clusters of audio

Secind  funny : If I use the 3.0.17 instance and then start to 3.025 it will be in the same frequency! This made the video recording button been removed from the quick access on 3.0.25

The spectrum analyzer seems to be slower than the older version! This effected also the older version. I think that both programs share the same database.


My most interesting is the video capture that worked too funny .

1.As with the screenshot I expected to see  just grabbing from the window isolating the ‘external’  toolbox The funniest of all was screengrabbing instead of windowgrabing that is. if by error another program  is instantly showed  in front of SDRC window it is also recorded!

2. the screen grab is not very accurate showing also a few pixels outside the frame!

3. if by chance the window is dragged by the mouse the video is stopped.  

In general I like that ther is a pointer circle, mouse on off grabing,   levels of compression and levels of frames from 20 to 40 I now use the 20 frames 20% compression that is quiote good

I already used it to send a v-log to a radio station who immediately responded me !




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