Re: #Future Higher "Min elev" for satellite passes #future


And the next request would be 15 degrees off to the South and 30 degrees to the North and more numbers for other cardinal directions....

{O,o}   <- Joanne lives where North is almost mythological. The North star barely comes over the mountain.

On 20201006 02:32:34, Max wrote:
No, I don't think so Al. I think Phil is asking to be able to optionally set the minimum elevation to a value higher than 20 Deg? Not remove the ability to set it lower than 80 Deg.



On Mon, Oct 5, 2020 at 09:48 PM, Al Massaro wrote:
OK, if I am reading this correctly we are talking about denying other folks who like to use lower elevations? Why? I for one have done well with some low elevation passes that surprised even me. I would say make it selectable, don't fix something that is not broken for everyone.

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