Re: #Future Higher "Min elev" for satellite passes #future

Siegfried Jackstien

user setable border starting at MINUS 10 degrees (yes below horizon) ... reason is then tracking of frequency starts BEFORE the sat is there

min elevation set HIGHER is on the user end (if he does not receive well below 10 degrees ABOVE horizon he can surpress those passes and set min elevation to 15 or 20) ..

so i second that ... make it selectable by user with "default" setting to 0 degrees (no passes lost)

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 05.10.2020 um 20:48 schrieb Al Massaro:

OK, if I am reading this correctly we are talking about denying other folks who like to use lower elevations? Why? I for one have done well with some low elevation passes that surprised even me. I would say make it selectable, don't fix something that is not broken for everyone.

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