Re: SDR Console with Ettus Restarci USRP B210 #ettusb210

Erik. M0MWF


I have both used (and loved) my Chinesium B210 on SDR Console.

It actually covers about 26MHz through to 6GHz.

The 850GBP OXCO from Ettus also has a Chinesium equivelent, and is <100 on Fleabay just now.. Mine cost nearly double that two years ago. You can run the device (in Rx) with the OXCO installed over a single USB's worth of current. Get one of those Y-USB adapters so you can supply it with the current of two USB ports, or use the supplied 6v PSU. The GPS antenna is ~5 GBP too.

Consider getting it from Ettus if you can afford it - you'll get a warranty. The NI / Ettus warranty both picks up and delivers.


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