A definitive SDR Console Controller (MIDI + Serial) ? #sdrconsole #midi #controller #usb #serial


Hi everyone,

I'm working to arduino based experimental USB Controller (particularly using the MIDI tecnique... https://iu8nqi.wixsite.com/blog/post/usb-midi-controller-for-sdr-console-english-version). Simon G4ELI has made a great job in this way, but are missing some interesting features. I hope that for the future, the MIDI list commands may include other useful features, as suggested by others in this group. However, by combining the MIDI and Serials functions, it would be possible to get a good result. CAT commands used trought the Serial Port, allow you to communicate with SDR Console to send command, particularly, also to receive informations that cannot be obtained through the MIDI interface.
Currently, I use the MIDI interface (for ie) for change the frequency using a rotary encode and, to other side, the [FA;] command of the serial port to get the current frequency showed in the SDR Console view. Well! In the Serial Port interface, I've set the Poll to to 100ms between every [FA;] command, but the latency time between the manually frequency change (by MIDI Controller) and the value returned (from Serial Port) is too long... so that the "radio experience" is truly bad.

Can someone suggest a different approach to receive from SDR Console a set of informations (Frequency, Mode, RF Gain, Signal Meter, ecc..) without Poll... but automatically... as events?

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