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I don't imagine I will persuade you, but top right of the forum main index window offers you "New Posts" and "Unread Posts", either of which will quickly in one window tell you what topics are active that you need to read.

Personally I gave up monitoring "groups" by email ages ago. I have enough email coming in without adding a deluge more when the web browser is so much more efficient. One "digest" email a day is plenty!

Anyway, I know this is a subject where everyone is adamant their method is the best so best to leave it there I guess! Just to say I have a feeling from the much reduced posting on here that most are migrating to the new forum and that this IO group will probably slowly decline. Only my opinion of course.

As an aside if you wish to manage multiple tabs in a browser very efficiently and easily (I certainly do it all the time) then for Chrome users try the truly excellent "Tabs Outliner" add-on. It makes saving and recalling dedicated groups of tabs a doddle. Makes "bookmarks" seem totally archaic. I personally could not now manage without it. I only use the free version. It works perfectly well, and no pesky ads by the way, but I have donated to the author as for me it is a "must have":

Sorry for wandering off-topic.



On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 05:01 PM, David J Taylor wrote:
I, for one, don't do "Forums". I want one program (e-mail in this case) where all communication takes place, and where I can store messages locally as required. I'm not going to have a Web browser with 20 different tabs open, having to visit each one several times an hour.

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