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Not 100% sure of the specifics but I doubt the older cards had better performance than the modern DVB dongles plus your request is so very niche that it would never be worth Simon's effort to add support. You might very likely be the only person who wanted to do it! Personally my WinTV adapters all went to the recycling centre a long time ago, and I would guess for many others too. I admire your resolve to use them though! Just seems like a lot of effort when so many new and easier solutions available.

Do you have anything to get you going on SDR yet? If not, the RTL-SDR dongle is a very good and cost effective place to start. The performance is astonishingly good for an unassuming looking piece of kit, and price is very low also plus of course it works perfectly with SDR Console. This particular model of dongle also works passably well down to HF if that is your thing. In any case it is certainly perfectly good enough to get a nice flavour of what SDR is all about. If you have not got anything at all to start with then suggest you take a look:

If you don't yet have hardware and also not wanting to buy anything just yet, then the beauty of Simon's program is that you can use it in "server mode". Many others on here have placed their own hardware receivers online attached to a "SDR Server" and you can use SDRC to listen to them remotely. It is exactly as if the hardware was attached to your own PC. Works brilliantly and let's you try all the features of the program out without any hardware investment at all. After downloading SDRC you can be listening to these radios in less than 10 minutes. Excellent tutorial by Kriss Kleigle KA1GJU who also has numerous receivers already running on SDRC Servers to listen to:

Don't be confused by title. It means "how to listen to SDRC servers", not how to set up the server end!

Hope it helps.



On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 08:09 PM, <wbarroso@...> wrote:
thanx for response … I do have a card or two from some time back.  since some of those cards had the VHF/UHF receivers from back in the day of HD-TV, maybe there was
some benefit to a receiver that had the same or better receiver spread out on one of the IDE cards instead of packed into a little dongle or small card …  If they were set up to
receive, maybe these better S/W programs could bring better life to some of these old cards, so yes experimentation without having to buy anything !!


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