Re: Auto mute - SDR protection

Frank Eichel


I have used the MFJ unit and a pin diode T/R switch but found that I could still hear the transmitted audio in my headphones, even with auto-mute set. Since the audio is delayed by software processing, it was out of step when I spoke, most annoying.

I solved my problem with the Elad switchbox which has an additional relay to switch out the headphones during transmit. This might not be ideal if you operate in Morse code, I don't use that mode.

73, Frank VE7AWV 

On Fri, Aug 28, 2020, 8:16 AM DXer <hfdxmonitor@...> wrote:

I hear you. I have 4 MFJ products, and they work fine for the most part, but I consider them glorified homebrew devices.

Unless you are using a single antenna for both your TX and RX, the DX Enginnering and Cross-Country Wireless devices are better options IMHO. YMMV

73 de Vince

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