Re: Pluto via Ethernet - TX dropouts #pluto

Jean (DJ0VL)

Hi Nils,

Your logfile does not show obvious hints apart from the "not ready" message. From what I've seen so far, I would also suggest to do the "ground mod", eihter by replacing R88 as suugested by AD or by bridging PGND to GND (there are some videos on youtube showing the mod). Both fixes worked for me.
Anyway, if a ground voltage spike is induced, the Pluto does not reboot as often assumed. Due to sensing the VBUS voltage at an inadequate tap, the spike results in the Pluto USB chip switching between OTG mode and device mode - resulting in a temporary interruption of the connection. 

73 de Jean DJ0VL

Hi all,
thanks for your comments.

jdow: I am using lowest selectable bandwidth 550 KHz. I attach a complete log file (with parameters), see remarks further down. Maybe I can improve the settings with your help.

Siegfried: Ok, understood, thanks.

Jean: OK, fits somehow to Siegfried's comment. I will follow this up, thanks for the links.
A second power supply cannot be the a problem, as I have only one power supply connected on only one point to the Pluto. Pluto powers the OTG apdater and USB/LAN adapter, no redundant suppy with Y cable is used.

All: I have just had a freeze of the first kind (which could be repaired by stopping and starting the radio, no restart of the whole SDR Console needed). After stopping and starting the radio I was able to continue the QSO after a short break. 

I attach the log file. I think, the relevant log entry (corresponding to the freeze) was "21:26:08.880: Radio PlutoSDR> NOT Ready".

73 de Nils DHØHAN

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