Re: Pluto via Ethernet - TX dropouts #pluto

Jean (DJ0VL)

Hi Nils,

As LAN mode is realized by a USB-to-LAN adapter, LAN mode is affected as well.
AD discusses the problem that is assumed to be fixed by the "ground mod" on their wiki-page in section Why do a Rev C?  While OMs usually bypass L7, AD suggests to change R88 to 10k. Section "Why do a Rev B?" explains the reason for introducing the choke.
Unfortunately, there is another issue (also described in the wiki) with the USB power supply. Switching from one USB power supply to the other (in case of a loose contact or when plugging in the second USB cable) is realized as "break before make", so that using the second USB supply does not work as a redundant power supply.

73 de Jean DJ0VL

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