Re: Change of course on user support

David J Taylor

Forums make it SO MUCH HARDER and more COMPLEX for regular users who have functional email and skills to use it. They turn the focus to the programmer (in this case a damn good one) and essentially blow off the user (customer) with more to do than live on a keyboard. To me this is a disappointing change in the course of the best software support I have experienced. The next step seems destined to be “all support will be on the forum”, which is why I no longer use several good programs, one previously owned by Simon.

Larry N9JY

Have to agree, Larry. I like e-mail, and I'm not going to turn on my browser several times a day just to see whether anything of interest has happened. With e-mail, I have a Delete button if something doesn't interest me. With my own software I've never found a need for forums.

Having said all that, it does seem that Simon is making an effort to provide e-mail integration, which will be most welcome. Perhaps if discipline is better enforced on the forums that it is here on this mailing list, it may be easier to find topics of interest?

David GM8ARV
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