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Simon Brown



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Simon Brown, G4ELI


From: <> On Behalf Of Calder Latham
Sent: 19 August 2020 09:06
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] SAM / AM


I too would like to have the ability to shut off SAM altogether. Mine switches on as well when I least want it.

I 'Think' it has to do with certain external radios and SDRC having an argument about what mode to be in.

Just a simple switch to never use SAM would be great,


On 8/18/2020 17:33, Ernst Siderits (OE3IDE) wrote:

is there a way to switch off the automatic SAM-Mode?

If I switch to AM, on the next tune to a station, SDR Console switches back to SAM.
Using 3.0.24, Airspy HF+ discovery.

All the Best from
the woods of Maine.

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